Maternity Hack - Harbor Knot Dress

January 15, 2019

Maternity Hack - Harbor Knot Dress

We get a lot of questions about whether or not certain patterns are maternity friendly or can be hacked to work for maternity. During this pregnancy I have really been able to put our patterns to the test to see which ones work best for maternity wear. Additionally, I have hacked a few patterns to accommodate my ever growing belly! 

Pictured below are all of the patterns I was able to wear without making any modifications. The Harbor Knot Tee, Starry Night and Après Ski are not pictured but also worked well into my pregnancy without modifications. 

Pictured left to right (top row) - Harbor Knot Dress, Cypress Choker, Boheme Sky (bottom row) Cloud 9, Hideaway, Shorewalk 

Harbor Knot Dress Hack 

First, you'll want to print off two back dress pieces (or trace one). You will also need the top of the front dress for the neckline. 

On one pattern piece trace the front neckline of the front dress. This is your new front dress piece. 

Slash your front dress piece at the waist. Spread the pieces apart 4"-6" apart, I have a short waist so I only spread mine 4". 

Place a piece of paper behind the pattern pieces. Tape in place and redraw the waist curve. 

Cut out your pieces. Run a gathering stitch where you added length to the front dress earlier. 

Gather the front dress until the side seams match up. 

Cloud 9 Hack 

You can use the slash and spread hack on multiple patterns including the Cloud 9! This is where I spread the waist for the front bodice on the Cloud 9. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I can't wait to see your maternity makes. Be sure to join our Facebook Group and share or give us a tag on Instagram!

Happy Sewing, 


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